Our Forebears’ Ingenuity and our Clumsiness

Defense of Islamic tenets and doctrines

Our forebears vehemently defended the tenets and doctrines of Islam against the enemies onslaughts. They planned their strategy well and executed it intelligently. They paid them back in the same coins. The unbelievers used all their weapons to invalidate Islamic ideology.
However, the Muslim scholars and thinkers put to use the same weapons effectively against the adversaries and frustrated their game plan. These weapons were the disciplines of learning in vogue. The strategy adopted by the Muslim intellectuals bore fruit. They employed logic and reasoning to thrash Greek perplexities and silenced the enemy through rational argumentation and thoughtful interpretations. Thus they guarded the verity and veracity of Islam.


The table, however, was turned on us. For last two centuries the stronghold of knowledge and learning held by the Muslim scholars and scientists has passed into non- Muslim hands. This has reduced our existence to mere dependents of the West in all spheres of life. For last one hundred years in general and half a century in particular, the West has launched a high power offensive against the teachings and ideology of Islam. Our ancestors were not exposed to such malice.
These offensive measures employed against our dominion – Islam, are multifaceted and multidimensional. The bottom line is lamentable and heartbreaking. The complexity gets manifold when our so-called religious scholars pursue the Western thought and endorse the materialistic and sacrilegious mentality that denies spirituality root and branch. What a paradox and what an irony of fate! Our superficial and pseudo intellectuals share the ideas of Western thinkers, regurgitate their thought and negate the very spiritualism that forms the basis of Mohammed’s (sallallaho alaihe wa’salam) ‘Channel’ to Allah.

A critical analysis of this situation reveals that the axis of reason and intellect has shifted from the Islamic World to the Western confines of wisdom. Whatever they mould carries heretic features. A majority of our contemporary thinkers and scholars have been swayed by Western thought. Is it not grievous and distressing?

Couldn’t build on the knowledge of pioneer Muslim scientists:

The tragic consequence of this deplorable situation is that the distracted rather deluded Muslim scholars fail to defend against the contemporary attacks of Western scientific thought. They either become apologetic for their paucity of learning and inferiority complex or attempt to encounter the blasphemous attack equipped with timeworn Greek thought and philosophy. The output is obvious. What can they achieve with obsolete weapons? What an awareness and what a modernism! Centuries after the demise of Greeks, we teach their philosophy as part of our curriculum even today. Sequel to this intellectual inertia, the sources of our creativity have gone parched and unproductive.

                                                                                    By: Dr.Tahirul Qadiri

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