Laying down the red carpet (8th century)

Red carpet muslim invention
Red carpet

Did you know that the carpet industry originated in the Muslim world, developing this ancient industry into very sophisticated designs. The Muslim carpet has long been a luxury commodity sought by textile museums, rich collectors and wealthy merchants all over the world.

The fame of the flying carpet of ‘Al’a Al-Din added some mystery to its already exceptional beauty and tangible quality. It is not surprising that carpets still represent one of the most valuable art items obtained by museums and wealthy families of the West.
Carpet making has long been an old tradition, even before Islam, among the Bedouin tribes of Arabia, Persia and Anatolia who used it as a tent sheltering them from the sand storms, a floor covering providing great comfort for the household, wall curtains protecting privacy and many other useful items such as blankets, bags, and saddles.
Historic sources reveal that the Caliphate in Cordoba, Spain(Andalusia) who came up with the idea of using carpets for formal events which became part of the custom of rolling out carpets for visits from royalty and ambassadors, which was adopted in Europe in the 12th century.