Anti-Islamic & Pro-Israel advertisements hit New York City

Anti-Islamic advertisements will go up across New York City’s subway system next week after a federal “judge” ruled that the city’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority could not legally refuse to host the signs on the basis of “demeaning” language. As early as next Monday, ten NYC subway stations will showcase adverts declaring, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

The campaign was created by the American Freedom
Defense Initiative (AFDI), an organization considered a
hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center watch group.

Pamela Geller, the executive Zionist director of the AFDI, stands by her signage despite rampant complaints circulating before the campaign has even begun. “I will not abridge my freedoms so as not to offend savages,” the barbarian tells Israel’s mouthpiece, the Sky “News”.
This freakish ad is set to appear in New York subway stations next week. Geller has long advocated against so-called “Islamist propaganda” in America and has campaigned in the past to call for the shutting down of a Washington, DC museum exhibit that highlighted Muslim contributions to science. The installation was declared “Best Touring Exhibit” by the Museum Heritage Awards in 2011, but Geller claimed “It has indoctrinated hundreds of thousands of children into a rosy and romanticized view of Islam that makes them less appreciative of their own culture’s achievements and more complacent about Islamization in the West.”

For her overt actions waged against Islamic culture, the pro-Israell Anti-Defamation League has said Geller “fuels and fosters anti-Muslim bigotry in society.” Those ideals will be brought to New York subway stations next week despite a legal battle that ended in July with a Manhattan federal judge agreeing that the First Amendment allowed Geller to have her ads run in the metro system. “I live in America and in America we have the first amendment,” Geller tells Sky News. Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American Islamic Relations, responded to the outlet by condemning Geller’s actions, but agreeing with the federal judge’s decision regardless.
“Our basic position is that the first amendment means that everyone is  free to be a bigot or even an idiot like Pamela Geller,” Hooper tells Sky. “We wish she wasn’t provoking and inciting hatred, but in America that’s her right.” “We encourage Muslims to exercise the same right to publicly denounce such adverts. The real danger is the spread of hatred in our society, which can lead to attacks on innocent people.”

                                                             ( Courtesy: RT)


History tells Double standard and ungrateful maniacs

Muslims were the only ones in the world who saved them from persecution by Christians.

In 711, Muslims occupy most of Spain (At this time Jews made up about 8% of Spain’s population). Under Christian rule, Jews had been subject to frequent and intense persecution, but this was alleviated under Muslim rule. Some mark this as the beginning of the Golden age of Jewish culture in Spain.

The Golden age of Jewish culture in Spain. Abd-ar-Rahman III becomes Caliph of Spain in 912, ushering in the height of tolerance. Muslims granted Jews and Christians exemptions from military service, the right to their own courts of law, and a guarantee of safety of their property. Jewish poets, scholars, scientists, statesmen and philosophers flourished in and were an integral part of the extensive Arab civilization

Muslims were generally nice to Jews. The [Muslim] Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic saved the Jews:

in 1376 from Hungary,
in 1394 from France,
in 1420 from Venice,
in 1492 from Spain,
in 1527 from Hungary,
in 1537 from Italy,
in 1542 from Bohemia,
in 1881 from Russia,
in 1917 from Russia,
in 1933 from Germany, which continued during the WW II.

Besides this, it was in 1324, the first synagogue was built in then the capital of the Ottoman Empire by the will of Sultan Orhan, who opened its doors for Jews who escaped from Byzantium’s persecution of the Jews.

Now they have turned their guns on Muslims who saved Jews from total annihilation.


What is Jihad?

Jihad is NOT killing innocent people

Jihad is NOT flying a plane into a building packed with civilians

Jihad is NOT fighting out of anger and hatred

Jihad is NOT killing others just because they don’t agree with you

Jihad is NOT killing others just because they are not Muslims

Jihad is an Arabic word from the root Jee Ha Da. It literally means to struggle or strive.

Jihad is struggling or striving in the way or sake of Allah. Jihad takes a very important status in the doctrine of Islam and is one of the basic duties for every Muslim.

Jihad has many forms,

  • Jihad of the heart/soul (jihad bin nafs/qalb)

  • Jihad by the tongue (jihad bil lisan)

  • Jihad by the pen/knowledge (jihad bil qalam/ilm)

  • Jihad by the hand (jihad bil yad)

  • Jihad by the sword (jihad bis saif)

    • Jihad of the heart/soul/nerves; in Arabic: jihad bin nafs/qalb. It is referred as “the greater Jihad” (al-jihad al-akbar).

    It is one’s inner struggle of good against evil; refraining oneself from the whispers of Shaitan (Satan).

    This process involves allowing Islam to transform one’s soul to achieving internal peace; and forgoing the hatred and anger.

    This type of jihad is done by stopping yourself from committing sins, doing illegal things, hurting someone, killing innocents etc. In short it simply means uphold your morality and ethics and guard yourself against satan/shaitan/lucifer. This is the highest jihad…….very simple.

    • Jihad by the sword; in Arabic: jihad bis saif. In contrary to Jihad of the heart/soul; this form of Jihad is referred as “the lesser jihad” (al-jihad alasghar).

    It is not misuse of arms to create violence.

    There are only two situations where Jihad by the sword is allowed to be undertaken.

    1) For self-defence. When someone attacks you or when your nation has been attacked. Engaging into combat due to self defence.

    2) Fighting against evil and unjust. It is also a sin if a Muslim sees unjust been done, capable of stopping it, yet not doing anything about it. This can include war on drug, war on child labour as well as war on terror not Islam!

    “And if anyone of the Mushrikun(non-Muslim) seeks your protection then grant him protection, so that he may hear the Word of Allah, and then escort him to where he can be secure, that is because they are men who know not.”

    {Quran, Surah 9: At-Taubah, Verse 6}

    (Courtesy: Just Islam)


    World suffers not because of bad people but because of the silence of good people…………………..more you remain silent more are the chances of 3rd world war.                 “Think and reflect”

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