The Attitude of Islam towards the Human Mind

positive thinking and analysis
Positive thinking

Before the advent of Islam, Arabs did not possess anything that could be described as philosophical thought. They did have some scattered philosophical reflections that we notice in the poetry and prose of their age. But these were more in the nature of “random thoughts and casual musings” as mentioned by Sharistani (1076-1153 A.D.). Thus they did not pay attention to critical thinking, nor did they counteract the superstitions and conventions of their times; they did not bother to make a critical analysis of the notions and fantasies that were current during their age.
With the advent of Islam, a new life was infused in the Arabs: new horizons of knowledge and enlightenment were thrown open to them. Equipped with this knowledge and enlightenment, they were able to set up a vast state whose boundaries extended from China in the Far East to Andalusia (Spain) in the West. This vast nation witnessed the emergence of a great civilisation; there was a tremendous outburst of intellectual activity. Knowledge-sciences and humanities-attained its high point. Muslims made significant contributions in the realm of philosophical thought. They evolved a school of philosophy distinct from all other schools of philosophy.
All these accomplishments were made possible only because of the fact that the Islamic teachings contained the necessary ingredients for bringing about such a tremendous change.

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