Who is Exempted From Fasting

In the following conditions, not to keep fasts is permitted, but one will have to keep them after Ramadaan month:

1. If one is on a journey, and if that journey is at least 92 Kilometers (57.5 miles) long.

2. Pregnant and breast-feeding women when she is concerned about the health of herself or the baby.

3. If a person is sick and he is concerned that the disease will get worst or will take longer time to cure or a healthy person, if he is sure to get sick.

4. Ladies having child birth and menstruation period. (Bahare Shari’at, part5)

5. A person is so old who is not capable of fasting nor he can hope of repeating the missed fasting then he should pay “Fidya” a fixed amount per day. That is to feed a poor twice for each fasting or give Sadaqa equivalent to Sadaqa Fitr. (Bahare Shari’at, part 5)


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