1. This place has been made for the disbelieverjahannam, dozakh, hells, Munafiqs (hypocrites), Oppressors, transgressors and the sinful and Wicked people to live.

2. This is also a place where there is complete darkness and strong black fire, which has no shine to it.

3. Its fire will continue to get hotter. The fire of Hell is so strong that if a pinpoint (equal to a tip of a needle) of it was thrown into this world every single person would die from its heat.

4. If one of the guards of Hell came to this world, people would all die just by seeing his frightening face. No one would survive.

5. The Jahannamis will be given many different types of punishment. Big snakes and scorpions will bite them.

People will have their heads crushed by big hammers. People will suffer from extreme hunger and thirst. They will be given a boiling hot oil type of water to drink and poisonous thorny fruits to eat. When they eat this fruit it will get stuck in the throat, and to wash it down they will ask for water and will be given boiling hot water.

When drinking this water, all their insides will break and wash away. The thirst will be so extreme that when drinking this water the lips will crumble away.

6. The disbeliever/oppressor/wicked/transgressor will become so helpless from this punishment that they will wish for death, but death will not come.

They will ask for each other’s advice and go to the guard of Hell, Hazrat Malik. They will ask him to speak to Allah Ta’ala of their fate. Hazrat Malik will not reply to them for a thousand years. After a thousand years, he will reply, “What are you telling me for, tell Him Whom you have disobeyed”.

Then for a thousand years they will call Allah Ta’ala by His Merciful Names, and for a thousand years He will not reply. After a thousand years, Allah Ta’ala will reply, “Stay away, remain in Hell, do not talk to Me”. At this time, the disbelievers will become completely hopeless of any kind of mercy and will start screaming and crying like the sound of donkeys.

First they will cry with tears. Then, when the tears finish, they will cry with tears of blood. There will be big gaping gaps in their cheeks due to the effects of their crying. The amount of water and pus from crying will be so much that if boats were put into them, they would start sailing. The face of Jahannamis will be so bad that if a Jahannami were brought into this world, all the people would die by looking at his face and from the foul stench.

7. Finally, for the disbeliever/oppressor/wicked/transgressor, the situation will be such that for every disbeliever/oppressor/wicked/transgressor a coffin will be prepared for them to the length of their height, and then they will be put into this coffin. Then, it will be set on fire and it will be locked with a padlock of fire. It will be then be put inside a larger coffin also made of fire and the gap between will be set on fire. A padlock with chains made of fire will also be put around it.

It will then be put into another coffin and then also set on fire and again will be locked with a lock of fire. All this will be then put into a bonfire. Then all the disbelievers will think that they will never be able to withstand any other heat and that this punishment is above all punishment. There will always be punishment for them and it will never end.

8. After all the Jannatis enter Jannat, only the Jahannamis will be left. At that time, death would be placed in between Jannat and Dozakh in the form of a ram. Then a voice will call out to the Jannatis. They would peep with fear thinking that they would be taken out of Jannat.

Then, the voice will call out to the Jahannamis. They would be happy while peeping thinking that they would be taken out from Dozakh. Then the
voice would ask them if they recognise it (the ram). All will say, “Yes, this is death.” Then the ram will be slaughtered.

The voice will say, “O Jannatis, you will live forever and will not die”. Then it would say, “O Jahannamis, you will live forever and will not die”. From this, the Jannatis will be ever happy and the Jahannamis will be very sad.


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