jannah (paradise)

1. Jannat is a very large and very beautiful place.

2. It has been made by Allah Ta’ala (One God) for his true believers.

3. Its walls have been made of bricks of gold and silver and its cement is made of musk.

4. The ground is made of saffron and ambergris (a wax-like substance).

5. Instead of gravel, there will be diamonds and pearls.

6. There are huge mansions made of pearls, diamonds and beautiful jewellery to house the residents of Jannat.

7. There are 100 ranks in Jannat. Each rank is as large in breadth as the sky to the ground. It’s doors are so wide that a fast horse would have to run seventy years to get from one side to another.

8. There will be so many gifts in Jannat that you would not dream or think about.

9. There will be various types of fruits, milk, honey, wine (sweet smelling, non-alcoholic) and other delicious types of food for the Jannatis.

10. Jannatis will be given clothes so beautiful that nobody in this world will have ever had fate to wear.

11. For assistance, thousands of “Ghilmaan” or clean, pure servants will be available and for company, beautiful “Hoors” whose beauty will be so intense that if one Hoor actually looked towards this world, the people would become unconscious just by looking at her beauty and shining.

12. No one will feel sleepy or fall sick in Jannat.

13. No one will be scared or taste death in Jannat.

14. There would not be any sort of trouble, difficulty, hardships or suffering but all kinds of comfort in Jannat.

15. Every wish, request and desire will be fulfilled in Jannat and the greatest Ne’mat (blessing) in Jannat is to make Didaar (see) of Allah Ta’ala (One God).


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