Soul after death


1. Death is when the soul comes out of the body.

2. According to the faith and deeds performed by that person, a different place is fixed for the soul to remain. It stays in that place until the Day of Resurrection. Some stay underneath the “Arsh” (above the skies), some
remain at “Aala Illiyyeen” (the highest point), some remain at the well of Zam Zam, and some remain in their grave.

3. The souls of disbeliever/oppressor/wicked/transgressors are imprisoned. Some are imprisoned in the well of “Barhoot”, some in “Sajeen” (the lowest point in Earth), and some at their place of cremation or burial.


1. In any situation, the soul does not die nor does it disintegrate but it remains unchanged. Whatever it’s position and whatever it’s state is, it always remains connected to the body.

2. Those who believe that the soul can die and disintegrate are a “Bud Mazhab” (from a deviated sect).

3. If the body experiences pain, the soul also feels the pain. If the body is relaxed, then the soul is also relaxed.

4. When someone visits the grave, the soul sees the person, recognises him or her and listens to what they are saying.

5. In relation to the true Muslim’s soul, it is stated in the Hadith Shareef that when a Muslim dies, the soul’s path is opened and it can go wherever it pleases.

6. The Souls of dead also speak whose voices can be heard by Animals, etc. except for normal humans and Jinns.


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