Eating Etiquettes and manners

etiquettes and manners: eating Language: English | Pages: 14 | Size: 1.21 MB


eating etiquettes and manners.pdf

Table of Contents

I. Remembrance of Allah

a. Saying Bismillah Before Eating
b. What happens when you forget to say Bismillah before eating
c. What to say when you forget to say Bismillah before eating
d. What to say when drinking milk
e. What to say after you eat

II. Manners of Eating

a. Eating from what is closest to you
b. Eating with your right hand
c. Eating with your fingers
d. Circulating water or milk in an assembly
e. Chewing with your mouth closed
f. Do not talk and eat
g. Burping or sneezing while at the eating area
h. Chewing your food well
i. Don’t stuff your mouth
j. Don’t slurp beverages or soup
k. Rinse your mouth after drinking milk
l. Do not overeat
m. Do not criticize your food
n. If the iqamah is called and your food is served

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