Islam Food Guide Book Korea

Islam Food Guide eBook
Language: English | Pages: 40 | Size: 4.45 MB


Islam Food Guide Book Korea.pdf


04_ Message of Islam in Korea
06_ “I became mesmerized by the beauty of Korean nature and culture.”
08_ “Islam is a religion that symbolizes peace. Therefore when I meet Muslims, I feel peace in my heart.”
10_ Spices—The Basis of Korean Food
12_ Korean Cuisine—Flavors and Aromas of Nature
24_ Korean Cakes and Traditional Tea-Soothing the Body and Soul
26_ Halal Restaurants in Korea—The Taste and Smell of Home
32_ Halal Restaurants in Gangwon-do Province-Simple, Yet Healthy Food Prepared with Care
34_ Korea’s Islamic Masjids—Lighting the Beacons of Peace
36_ Alternative Food List
37_ Useful Expressions at Restaurants

NOTE: Total 77+ ebooks have been uploaded rest of the ebooks were rejected. These ebooks are selected and beautified because of their QUALITY of content, so that Mainstream Muslims and Non-Muslims can enjoy reading these ebooks with unbiased content.

You should share it with your friends and family, reblog it freely BUT you are not allowed to do  PROFITeering and use it for COMMERCIAL purposes.

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