Principles of Parenting

Principles of Parenting with drawings

Language: English | Pages: 47 | Size: 2.44 MB | Author: Soumy Ana | Written and illustrated By : Soumy Ana


Principles of Parenting.pdf

Prophet Mohammed (Sallallaho Alehe Wa’sallam) has described and explained a
mother’s feelings for her child in the following hadith (his sayings):
“Truly, those feelings are a blessing (rahmah) from Allah, if it were not for these feelings, a mother would not be willing to breast-feed her child, nor would a farmer be willing to work in the fields (under the scorching heat of the sun)”.

The good household is a blessing, a place for love, comfort and hasaanat (a way to add good deeds). A bad household is a place of trials and punishments…………..

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