Matters related to fasting

Matters related to fastingLanguage: English | Pages: 28| Size: 170 KB | Author: Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid


Matters related to fasting.pdf


1. Introduction
2. Definition of Siyaam (fasting)
3. Ruling on fasting
4. The virtues of fasting
5. The benefits of fasting
6. Etiquette and Sunnah of fasting
7. What should be done during this great month
8. Some of the ahkaam (rulings) on fasting
9. How the onset of Ramadaan is determined
10. Who is obliged to fast?
11. Travellers
12. The sick
13. The elderly
14. Niyyah (intention) in fasting
15. When to start and stop fasting
16. Things that break the fast
17. Rulings on fasting for women

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