Tawheed for children

tawheed for childrenLanguage: English | Pages: 10| Size: 3.75 MB | Author: Dr.Saleh As-Saleh


Tawheed for children.pdf

Chapter 1
Who is Allaah?
Allaah is Ar-Rabb
(The One Who Creates, Runs the Affairs, and Possesses Everything)
I testify there is no true God worthy of being worshipped except Allaah,
And I testify that Muhammad is Allaah’s true Slave and Messenger.   ……….

NOTE: Total 77+ eBooks have been uploaded and rest of the eBooks were rejected. These eBooks are selected and beautified because of their QUALITY of content, so that Mainstream Muslims and Non-Muslims can enjoy reading these eBooks with unbiased content.

You should share it with your friends and family, reblog it freely BUT you are not allowed to do  PROFITeering and use it for COMMERCIAL purposes.

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