A Handbook of Hajj and Umrah

A Handbook of Hajj & UmrahLanguage: English | Pages: 90| Size: 1.63 MB | Author: Late Muhammad Moinuddin Ahmad | Translated By: Prof. Jalil Ahmad


A Handbook of Hajj and Umrah.pdf

         What to do?            What not to do?
  Where to do?           How to do?

Originally this handbook was compiled in 1984, under the title of
Masai’l-o-Ma’lumat-e-Hajj-o-Umrah for Pakistani, Indian and other
Urdu speaking pilgrims. This was written in a lucid and simple style
presenting all the salient features of Hajj and Umrah and their rites and
ceremonies. The book was approved by the renowned scholars and
Ulama in Pakistan.
Its demand and popularity increased with the passing years. In 1993,
The Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Religious Affairs,Islamabad,
got it published in a quantity of 90,000 and named it “Anwarul
Haramain”, for free distribution among all Pakistani pilgrims. Besides
Urdu edition, Bangla, Gujrati and English versions followed.
Realizing its tremendous benefits to the Muslim Ummah, in 2006 the
English version of the book was presented in PDF format on the
internet for free download:
The handbook may be copied for further distribution as long as the
text is not modified in any way, a reference is made to the web site
“Hajj & Umrah” and the above source URL is used to access it.


NOTE: Total 77+ eBooks have been uploaded and rest of the eBooks were rejected. These eBooks are selected and beautified because of their QUALITY of content, so that Mainstream Muslims and Non-Muslims can enjoy reading these eBooks with unbiased content.

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