What everyone should know about Islam and Muslims

what everyone should know about Islam and MuslimsLanguage: English | Pages: 249| Size: 1.08 MB | Author: Suzanne Haneef


What everyone should know about Islam and Muslims.pdf

In writing this book I have been all too keenly aware that to present Islam as it should be presented is at once a great challenge and an almost overwhelming responsibility. I have undertaken this responsibility with a great sense of inadequacy for the task, for there are countless other Muslims who are far better qualified for it both in terms of their knowledge and their practice of Islam. 

Nonetheless, to do so has been felt as a duty. Many books about Islam are available, but virtually all of them are
either by non-Muslim authors who invariably reflect many blatant distortions and prejudices against Islam or by Muslims whose writings, although they may portray Islam correctly and indeed often with great depth and meaningfulness, are not really geared to a non-Muslim, Western readership.

Since I have
myself, in the process of coming to an understanding of Islam,
gone through the simultaneous process of asking and finding
answers to the questions which have been asked, and hopefully
answered, in this volume, I have felt an obligation to share this
understanding with others who may be interested in knowing
what Islam is or what it can offer to mankind It is my earnest
prayer that God will accept this small effort and make it useful
for a better understanding of Islam, the path of peace and submission
to Him.

Suzanne Haneef


To the Reader vii

Part One: Beliefs and Acts of Worship 1

I. Beliefs 3
The Islamic Creed 3
The Islamic View of Reality 7
The Articles of Faith 13
God (Allah) 13
The Angels 18
The Revealed Scriptures 19
The Messengers of God 23
The Hereafter 39
The Divine Decree 45

II. Acts of Worship 49
1. Declaration of Faith (shahadah) 51
2. Prayer (salah) 52
3. Fasting (sawm) 56
4. Poor-due (zakah) 58
5. Pilgrimage (half) 61

Part Two: Values and Morals 71

III. Islamic Values and Qualities 73
The Islamic Personality 73

IV. Islamic Morals and Behavior 99
Part Three: The Collective Aspect 109

V. Islam in Society 111

VI. Islam and the Muslim World 127

Part Four: The Islamic Way of Life 137

VII. The Performance of the Acts of Worship 139
Prayer (salah) 139
Fasting (sawm) 145
Poor-Due (zakah) 148

VIII Islamic Festivals and Observances 149
The Festival Ending the Fast 150
The Festival of Sacrifice 151

IX. Family Life 153
Marriage and the Roles of Husband/Wife 153
Parent-Child Relations 160
Relations with Relatives 166

X. Relations Between the Sexes 169

XI. Da i l y Li f e 177
Work and Striving 178
Knowledge 180
Money and Possessions 182
Food and Eating 184
Dress 187

XII . Human Relationships 193
Relations with Jews 196
Relations with Christians 197

Part Five: Conclusion 209
Notes 213
Suggested Reading 221
Glossary 223
Index 227

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