The Amazing Quran

Amazing and Miraculous  QuranLanguage: English | Pages: 24 | Size: 309 KB | Author: Dr. Gary Miller (Abdul Ahad Omar)

downloadThe Amazing Quran.pdf

Table of Contents

Merchant Marine
The Smallest Thing
Prophet Muhammad (s) and the Quran
Scientific Approach to the Quran
Falsification Test
Ask Those Who Have Knowledge
Skeptic’s Reaction
You Did Not Know This Before!
Proof of Authenticity
An Aproach
Exhausting the Alternatives
The Critic’s Trail
A Revelation – Abu Lahab
The Flight
An Encounter with a Minister
The Source of the Quran
New Catholic Encyclopedia
Testimony of an Intellectual
Burden of Proof on the Critic
Origin of the Universe and Life
More on Falsification Test
People of the Book
A Mathematical Approach
The Female Bee
The Sun
Time Zones

NOTE: Total 70+ eBooks have been uploaded and rest of the eBooks were rejected. These eBooks are selected and beautified because of their QUALITY of content, so that Mainstream Muslims and Non-Muslims can enjoy reading these eBooks with unbiased content.

You should share it with your friends and family, reblog it freely BUT you are not allowed to do  PROFITeering and use it for COMMERCIAL purposes.

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