What is Islam?

What is Islam? conceptsLanguage: English | Pages: 35| Size: 15.5 MB


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Please accept our greetings of PEACE.
There are hundred s of immigrants entering this beautiful country of ours every day from all around the globe who belong to different religions which include Muslims. The impression American s have about Islam and Muslims is mostly through the media, which has treated Muslims rather unfairly. They have been labeled as terroists, fundamentalists and so forth. As a matter of fact, this image is far from the truth.

At the Institute of Islamic Knowled ge we consider it our responsibility to inform the residen ts of North America about Muslims and their religion ISLAM just as we are obligated to tell Muslims around the world about America at large and United States in particular. We would like to enlighten the reader about some of the basics of Islam with the intention of building a bridge between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

This will create much better under standin g and a sense of harm ony between our community members, enabling all of us to live and work together with integrity and honesty in a peaceful atmosphere.

Islam is an Arabic word, which not only means submission (to God) but also means PEACE. It is our aim to clari fy our posit ion and dispel any false impression th at exists about Islam and Muslims. We hope that by informing the reader abou t Islam, our daily interaction with each other will become more productive for ou r communities of God-Loving and God-Fearin g people.
May God Almighty bless youfor taking the time
to read this booklet.

Your Well Wisher
Muhammad Farooq-i-Azam Malik
Chairman, Board of Trustees

At a Glance

What is Islam?
Is Islam a new Religion?
Wha t is the distinctive Featu re of Islam ?
How does Islam re late to Mankind?

Who are the Muslims?
What are the Pillars of Faith?
Why Mus lims use th e wo rd ‘Allah’
ins tea d of ‘God’?
How does someone becom e a Muslim?

What is Prophethood in Islam?
Who is Muhammad?
What is Sunnah?
What does Islam say about Torah and Bible?
How Islam views Judaism and Christianity?
What does Islam say about Original Sin?
Wha t does Islam say about Jesus (pbuh)?

What is the Qur’an?
Does Islam recognize Science and Technology

What is Islam?
Is Islam a new Religion?
Wha t is the distinctive Featu re of Islam ?
How does Islam re late to Mankind?

Wha t are Human Rights in Islam ?
Wha t is Jihad in Islam ?
What is Hijaab (Islamic Dress Code)?
How does Islam view Famil y Life ?
Wha t is the Status of Women in Islam?
What is Marriage in Islam?
Why is More than One Wife permitted in Islam ?
What does Islam say about Parents
and the Elderly?
What does Islam say abo ut Food?
What does Islam say abo ut Intoxicants and Gambling?
Wha t Islam say abo ut Business Interaction?

What is th e concept of God in Islam?
What is th e concept of Life in Islam?
Wha t is the conce p t of Life after Death in Islam ?
What is the concept of Sin in Islam ?

NOTE: Total 70+ eBooks have been uploaded and rest of the eBooks were rejected. These eBooks are selected and beautified because of their QUALITY of content, so that Mainstream Muslims and Non-Muslims can enjoy reading these eBooks with unbiased content.

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