Salaat-e-Tasbi Nafl Namaz|RasoolAllah (ﷺ)

Salaat e Tasbi Nafl Namaz/Salaah

There is huge reward/sawab for Salaat-e-Tasbi. It is in Hadith Sharif that Allah forgives the sins because of Salaat-e-Tasbi even if they are equal to all the small particles of sand dunes.

Nabi (Sallallaho Alaihi Wa’Sallam) has said that offer salaat-e-Tasbi namaz/salaat/nafl everyday if not then once a week if not then once a month even if not then atleast once a year.

Rakaat : 4
Salaam : 1
below dua, total 300 timesin 4 Rakaat. (75 in each rakah)

“Subhanallahi Wal-humdulillahi Wa’la-ilaha ilallahu Wallahu Akbar”

  1. After reciting Surah fatiha and other Surah before going to rukuh, recite this dua 15 times.
  2. In rukuh 10 times.
  3. Then after rukuh, between rukuh and sajda (prostration) recite 10 times.
  4. In first sajda (prostration) 10 times.
  5. Between two Sajda (prostration) 10 times.
  6. In second Sajda (prostration) 10 times.
  7. After second Sajda (prostration) before standing 10 times.

[Total = 75 times in one Rakah].

(Hadith Books : Tirmizi , Sahih Bukhari)

Salaat e TasbiSalaat e Tasbi 2Salaat e Tasbi 3

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