Superiority of Juma (friday) prayer

Superiority of Juma (friday) prayer

Nabi Kareem (Sallallaho Alaihi Wa’Sallam) has said, that whoever takes bath on Friday/Jumma  his/her all sins are forgiven.
When he/she starts taking steps towards Masjid then on every step towards Masjid he/she gets 20 good deeds registered in his/her book of good deeds.

After finishing the Friday/Jumma  Prayer/namaz/salaah  he/she  returns home then they get reward/sawab equal to 200 years of good deeds recorded in their book of good deeds.

In another Hadith Sharif it is said that on  Friday/Jumma   prayer/namaz/salaah  they will get reward/sawab equal to 20 years of worship on every single step towards Masjid.

That means in Ramadan that will be equal to that of 1400 years(70 times) on every step towards Masjid.

(Hadith Books : Musnad Ahmed , Abu Dawood , Tirmizi)

Superiority of Juma (friday) prayer


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