Prophet Mohammed (ﷺ): Moon Splitting Miracle

moon splitting miracle

One of the prominent miracles is splitting of Moon. Allah did this miramoon splitting miraclecle at the hand of his Prophet Mohammed (Sallallaho Alaihe Wa’Sallam) (ﷺ) when Makkans wanted to see a miracle from Prophet Mohammed (Sallallaho Alaihi Wa’Sallam) (ﷺ) confirming his truthfulness of being Prophet of Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala. Allah split the moon in two separate halves & then rejoined them.

This event is in the Holy Quran:

“The Last Hour draws near, and the moon is split asunder!”

(Quran Chapter 54 : Verse 1)

Holy Prophet Mohammed (Sallallaho Alaihi Wa’Sallam)(ﷺ) used to recite these verses in large congregations of weekly Friday prayers and the Eid prayers also.

If the event had never occurred, early Muslims would have started doubting the truthfulness of Prophet Mohammed (Sallallaho Alaihi Wa’Sallam)(ﷺ) as the FINAL Prophet of Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala and SEAL of all prophets.

And the Mushrik Makkans would have said, your prophet is not truthful and he is a liar and they would have also said that they never saw moon splitting. But this was never the case, they did saw moon splitting and what they came up was “passing magic”

“The Last Hour draws near, and the moon is split asunder! And if they see a sign (miracle), they turn away and say, ‘Passing magic!’- for they are bent on giving it the lie, being always want to follow their own desires.”

(Quran, Chapter 54 : Verse 1-3)

Human beings are really funny when they are hell bent to refute anything, they would go to great lengths of arrogance to tame down the Prophetic mission as they have done throughout history with all prophets.

The splitting of moon is narrated and confirmed through unbroken chain of scholars based on the eye-witness account of the event. (hadith mutawatir)*

A nonbeliever might ask, is there any proof or neutral evidence of splitting of the moon?

This could be answered in two ways:

1. But first we must analyze that it could have been early morning or late night or noon time in many parts of world.

Here is an example in tabular form which will give reader some idea of respective times to 9:00 pm Makkah time:

Location Time

Makkah                  9:00 pm

Islamabad             11:00 pm

New Delhi             11:30 pm

Perth                       2:00 am

Reykjavik             6:00 pm

Rio de Janeiro   3:00 pm

Tokyo                  3:00 am

Beijing                  2:00 am

Another reason is that it is also not likely that large number of people in nearby lands would have observed the moon splitting at the EXACT same times.

Even some one did it might not necessarily mean people would believe it or at least kept a written record of it, if someone even did in far off lands they might have avoided it in pride or arrogance, especially when many civilizations of their time did not even preserve their own history as written record.

2. But we ACTUALLY have an independent and very amazing historical record of event from a Kerala raja (king) of his time.

Kerala is a state of today’s Gangadesh or India and it stretches for 360 miles / 580 Km along Malabar Coast on the southwestern side of Indian peninsula.

King Chakrawati Farmas of Malabar was a Chera king, Cheraman perumal of Kodungallure. It is recorded that he had seen the moon splitting miracle.

The incident is documented in a manuscript kept at British-Indian Office Library , London , reference number : Arabic , 2807 , 152-173.

A group of Muslim merchant’s passing by the Malabar on their way to China spoke to King about how God had supported the Arabian Prophet with the miracle of splitting of moon. The King was shocked and said that he had seen this miracle (splitting of Moon) with his own eyes as well. He deputized his son and left for Arabia to meet Prophet Mohammed (Sallallaho Alaihi Wa’Sallam)  in person. The Malabar king met the Prophet of Islam, bore two testimonies of faith, learned basics of faith but passed away on his way back and was buried in the port city of Zafar, Yemen.

(It is quoted in the book “Mohammed Rasulullah” by Mohammed Hamidullah: “There is a very old tradition in Malabar, South West coast of today’s Ganges-India that Chakrawati Farmas, one of their kings, had observed the splitting of Moon, the celebrated miracle of the Holy Prophet Mohammed (Sallallaho Alaihi Wa’Sallam)(ﷺ) at Makkah and learning on inquiry that there was a prediction of the coming of A Messenger of God from Arabia, he appointed his son as regent and set out to meet him. He embraced Islam at the hand of Prophet Mohammed (Sallallaho Alaihi Wa’Sallam). And when on return to home, at the direction of Prophet, died at port of Zafar, Yemen, where the tomb of “Kerala king” was piously visited for many centuries.)

It is said that the contingent was led by a Muslim, Malik bin Dinar and continued to Kodungallure, the Chera capital and built the first and today’s India’s oldest Masjid/Mosque in the area in 629 CE which exists today.

eye witness of moon splitting

When news of his accepting Islam reached Kerala people also started to accept Islam. The people of Lakshadweep and the Moplas (Mapillais) from Calicut province of Kerala are converts from those days.

chera juma masjid (miracles of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)Splitting of the moon and meeting of Kerala raja (king) with Prophet Mohammed (Sallallaho Alaihi Wa’Sallam) is also reported by Muslim sources. The most famous and one of the oldest Muslim historian Ibn Kathir (Ibn Kaseer) mentions splitting of the moon was reported in parts of India. ( ‘Al-Bidaya wal-Nihaya,’ by Ibn Kathir, vol 3, p. 130.)

The books of hadith have also documented the arrival of Kerala raja (King) and his meeting the Prophet Mohammed (Sallallaho Alaihi Wa’Sallam).

Abu Sa’id al-Khudri, a companion of Prophet Mohammed (Sallallaho Alaihi Wa’Sallam) states:

“ The Kerala king gifted the Prophet with a jar of ginger. The companions ate it piece by piece. I took a bite as well.”

(Reported by Hakim in ‘Mustadrik’ vol 4, p. 150.)

The king (raja) was thus considered a ‘companion’ a term used for a person who met Prophet Mohammed (Sallallaho Alaihi Wa’Sallam)(ﷺ)  and died as a Muslim. His name is registered in the mega-compendiums chronicling the Prophet’s companions.

Now one thing is sure that it was not optical illusion or magic because in both cases the people only in particular location or theatre see that feat. Optical illusion or magic has no effect beyond certain location or area of effect.

But in this moon splitting case, where ever the moon was visible like the Kerala king (raja) did see moon splitting inspite of being 4059 km (Air distance approx.) far from Makkah did see moon splitting.

>Inspite of these miracles the people with weak heart only want what they desire they don’t understand the importance of Strong belief because one day we all are going to leave this world.

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