27th Ramadan 1947: The Day To Remember

It was 27th Ramadan (14th Aug) 1947, Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) blessed Muslims of South Asia with their own homeland restored and given freedom from hodgepodge created by British empire forcibly. And the only country that re-emerged in the name of Islam. And only Muslim Nuclear power, emerged on world map as 7th Nuclear Power known as Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Why re-emerged, because throughout ages this land was called Sindh valley civilization. And British empire coined a term for entire hodgepodge of kingdoms and called it India. And ultra extremist hindus held onto British coined term. Terms like Indus, India, hindu and South Asia etc. are all British terms. Indus is the name of the river in Pakistan, which has been called throughout ages as Sindh valley civilization or called by British as Indus.

While on the other hand British-India was hodgepodge of different kingdoms glued up together by British empire. In short, land of Ganga river is called India and land of Sindh river or Indus is called Pakistan. The 1947 was not only the year for getting separate homeland for Muslims but Sindh valley civilization or Indus (Brit term) restored to its rightful place in history.

The ultra-hindu extremists are trying to lay claim to entire region on the basis of terms coined by British, shows complete lack of understanding of the history. If extremist hindus can lay claim on anything that is only “Ganga valley” or it should have been called Ganga-desh instead of India, a term coined by British to trump everyone. And Indus is Sindh valley civilization throughout ages or modern day Islamic republic of Pakistan. 

During its formation, states within British-India were asked to either join Pakistan (Sindh valley) or India (Ganga valley).

Sindh was the first province, which voted in favour of Pakistan with a heavy majority led by G.M Syed, followed by Balochistan & KPK. There was no rift or any kind of disharmony within these states.

But there was tricky situation in Punjab. When Akalidal Leader Master Tara Singh pronounced the slogan, standing at the gates of joint Punjab Assembly and waiving Karpan (the sword) in the air, that, “anyone who will demand for Pakistan will be killed”. Then, S. P. Singha, who was at that time, the Speaker of joint Punjab Assembly, answered the Akalidal leader Master Tara Singh with these word, that, “we will die but will not stop demanding Pakistan”.

There was tie between supporters of Pakistan  and India with 88 votes each in Punjab. With four members to decide the fate of province. One was absent and other 3 voted in favour of Pakistan. Punjab became part of Pakistan with 91-88 votes.

Many oppressed Muslims from different parts of the world migrated to Pakistan from time to time. But according to Islamic law & it’s founder Quaid-e-Azam, minorities also have their due rights as being citizens of the state.

During its birth 1 millon Muslims were martyred by sikhs & extremist hindus, 250,000 – 300,000 Muslim women were abducted, raped & kept as slaves by sikhs and extremist hindus during migration from hindu majority areas of India into Pakistan. Whereabouts of those 300,000 Muslim women are still not known till this day.


27th Ramadan is also one of blessed nights in last odd days of Ramadan, and is called Laylatul-Qadr. 

27th Ramadan 1947: Independence Dayhappy independence day happy independence day 14th Aughappy independence day 14th Aug14 Aug 1947

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