Muharram terror bid foiled as four ‘Indian RAW-linked men’ arrested from Karachi


KARACHI: Counter-terrorism Department’s (CTD) Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Naveed Khawaja on Thursday said the security force had foiled a major terror plan in the metropolis, arresting a network of criminals trained by Indian spy agency – Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

The senior police officer said police had arrested four accused linked to a political party in Karachi, who confessed to planning an attack on Shahe Khorasan Imambargah in the month Muharram, and received training in various parts of India.

The names of those arrested are: Khalid, Muhammad Mohsin alias Kashif, Abdul Jabbar alias Zaffar, Muhammad Shafiq alias Pappu. SSP Khawaja said the four had also been involved in an attack on Afaq Ahmad — chief of MQM Haqiqi.

SSP Khawaja said the detained personnel had also identified several bank accounts that were used in funding their activities, adding that the State Bank of Pakistan had been notified in this regard.

“Several traders and businessmen were aiding these terrorists directly or indirectly,” said the SSP, adding that a case against all abettors will also be initiated.

He said the accused had identified several locations where they claim to have hidden weapons and ammunition, adding that police will conduct raids to confirm the claims.

The police official said a detailed investigation to verify all claims will be initiated and police will form a strong case against those arrested for conspiring against Pakistan.