Kidnapped & Tortured : Activists & Former U.S Attorney General Speaks for Aafia Siddiqui

By Cindy Sheehan,

I wrote this in my October 2010 article about Dr. Siddiqui:

Even if Dr. Siddiqui did shoot at the Americans, reflect on this. Say this case was being tried in Pakistan under similar circumstances for an American woman named Dr. Betty Brown who was captured and repeatedly tortured and raped by the ISI – here in the states that woman would be a hero if she shot at her captors – not demonized and taken away from her life and her children.

Well, my scenario has come true, except it wasn’t Dr. Betty Brown who was captured, tortured, and repeatedly raped by the Pakistani ISI–equivalent of the CIA—no—it was a CIA agent who was arrested for actually committing a crime and there has been no report of Davis receiving ill treatment at the hands of the Pakistanis, apparently that’s our specialty here in the US. Of course there’s no outcry here in the US, (except from the State Department and Obama who want this murderer released), but the recent event in Lahore and the continuing aftermath should be HUGE news, but somehow, is not.

The people of Pakistan are also rightly inflamed about the brutal treatment of Dr. Siddiqui and the profound dearth of justice that followed from her arrest  “attempted murder of Americans” (not one person was even scratched in the room in which Dr. Siddiqui was interrogated) to the foregone verdict of guilty at her “trial.”

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