One thought on “From Judaism To Islam | Sister Khadijah: GOD Showed Me Signs (Must Watch)

  1. Allah is one,,Islam is a truly Holy religion from other religion there is many religion but islam is amazingly different because there is Great book Which name is Al-Quran without any doubt This book is Truely word of God this book contain Real Name of God:ALLAH,,
    there is 4 Divine books Injeel(bible),Tauraat(Torah),Zaboor &
    Quran but all there changed by judasim and Christian except Quran because Allah is the one who is saving the Quran from All disbelivere..this is solid proof that today1400 years passed but Quran still In Real condition..I bet From All humankind First i’m Muslim and Second if Anyone ignoring From Existence of Allah then I chalange Him just tell me who is real one who crate you Just tell me your God name because my is Allah And your God is Allah and he is the King of Whole universe…Noboday Human being Like Prophet Mohammad Sallalahu Alaihiwasallam..

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