What everyone should know about Islam and Muslims

what everyone should know about Islam and MuslimsLanguage: English | Pages: 249| Size: 1.08 MB | Author: Suzanne Haneef


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In writing this book I have been all too keenly aware that to present Islam as it should be presented is at once a great challenge and an almost overwhelming responsibility. I have undertaken this responsibility with a great sense of inadequacy for the task, for there are countless other Muslims who are far better qualified for it both in terms of their knowledge and their practice of Islam. 

Nonetheless, to do so has been felt as a duty. Many books about Islam are available, but virtually all of them are
either by non-Muslim authors who invariably reflect many blatant distortions and prejudices against Islam or by Muslims whose writings, although they may portray Islam correctly and indeed often with great depth and meaningfulness, are not really geared to a non-Muslim, Western readership. Continue reading “What everyone should know about Islam and Muslims”

Dawah checklist

note: This booklet is for those who want to carry out Dawah/preaching can use this booklet as help book/checklist. OPTIONAL.

Dawah checklist

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