Dr. Zakir Naik’s EPIC Letter to India’s Extremist PM & Media

Here are the excerpts from the open letter:dr-zakir-naik-letter-to-modi

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It has been over two months since the ghastly terror attack in Dhaka, and over one month since I’ve been asking myself what exactly have I done to become the enemy number one of the media as well as the State and Central Government. For someone who has spent 25 years in promoting peace, spreading greater awareness of Islam and talking about similarities between religions and condemning injustices, the last two months have been a rude shock to me. A shock of immense proportions. I’m not only disappointed in the way things are being conducted but alarmed at where they are heading.

I’m alarmed at the murder of democracy and strangulation of fundamental rights and the precedence it is setting for times to come. I’m also alarmed at how the system, media and the agencies Continue reading “Dr. Zakir Naik’s EPIC Letter to India’s Extremist PM & Media”

Plight of Muslim Kashmiri Women – Channel 4 Documentary

UK Channel 4 documentary on Kashmiri Muslims and brutality of Hindu India.

کشمیر میں عورتوں کے ساتھ  کافر کیا  کر رہے ہیں  خود ہی  دیکھ  لیجئے


If you are unable to see video then go through these screenshots of documentary of UK’s channel 4 on Hindu India’s brutality with Muslim Kashmiries. You can read subtitles on it if video is not available. I shall see how long they will silence truth… Continue reading “Plight of Muslim Kashmiri Women – Channel 4 Documentary”

Muharram terror bid foiled as four ‘Indian RAW-linked men’ arrested from Karachi


KARACHI: Counter-terrorism Department’s (CTD) Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Naveed Khawaja on Thursday said the security force had foiled a major terror plan in the metropolis, arresting a network of criminals trained by Indian spy agency – Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

The senior police officer said police had arrested four accused linked to a political party in Karachi, who confessed to planning an attack on Shahe Khorasan Imambargah in the month Muharram, and received training in various parts of India. Continue reading “Muharram terror bid foiled as four ‘Indian RAW-linked men’ arrested from Karachi”

UNHRC: Mass Graves in Indian-Occupied Kashmir, Indian Diplomats Left Speechless

unhrc-30-genevaGENEVA -Indian diplomats at the United Nations were left speechless on Tuesday under a barrage of accusations, backed by evidence, coming from exiled Kashmiri leaders who unfolded a horror list of things that India is doing and hiding from the world.
Continue reading “UNHRC: Mass Graves in Indian-Occupied Kashmir, Indian Diplomats Left Speechless”

Plight of Bosnian Women & Their Brutal Rapes by Serbs

Mr Vukovic, 44, a waiter and driver before the war, repeatedly led gang rapes. Witness 48 (Muslim Woman) was told she would have her throat slashed if she resisted. Mr Vukovic “bit her nipples until they bled and pinched her breasts until she fainted from pain”.

Four of the 72 Bosnian women held in the Partizan sports hall were raped almost nightly for a month. Witness 186 was raped for six months.

Witness 50 (Bonian Muslim woman)  was raped on the night of August 2, 1992 – the night the town’s mosque was destroyed – after being taken away by Mr Kunarac. She was raped by a Montenegrin soldier who threatened to cut off her arms and legs and take her to a church to baptise her.


Bosniak houses and apartments were looted or razed to the ground, the civilian population were rounded up, some were physically abused or murdered during the process. Men and women were separated and then held in concentration camps.

Estimates of the number of women and girls raped range from 12,000 to 50,000, the vast majority of whom were Bosniaks raped by Bosnian Serbs. The Serb forces set up “rape camps”, where women were subjected to being repeatedly raped, and only released when pregnant. Gang rape and public rapes in front of villagers and neighbors were not uncommon. Continue reading “Plight of Bosnian Women & Their Brutal Rapes by Serbs”

The Srebrenica Genocide of Bosnian Muslims

Note: US & Europe was just watching as the ethnic cleansing and brutal mass rapes were being committed against Muslim Bosnians, when they acted it was already too late.

In the spring of 1995, Gen. Rupert Smith, commander of the U.N. Protection Force in Bosnia, began warning that the Bosnian Serbs would soon try to take back zones that had been declared “safe” by the United Nations.

Not many took him seriously.

But slowly the assaults built. And on July 11, 1995, a massacre in Srebrenica would live in infamy. After years of indifference, the world could turn its head no more.

It was the worst atrocity on European soil since World War II, and the numbers are staggering to this day. Continue reading “The Srebrenica Genocide of Bosnian Muslims”

Chuck Hagel: India using Afghanistan to destablise Pakistan & Afghanistan

Chuck Hagel (United States Secretary of Defense)
How India is using Afghanistan for their Benefit

It is really sad and angering time for entire nation that more than 134 children including 9 teachers in school have been martyred by TTP which is being trained and funded by India’s RAW and Karzai era Afghan intelligence agency (which is controlled by northern alliance drug cartel). It was 16 December, the day East Pakistan separated speaks itself.

Karzai’s left over paganists and india has to stop its terrorism policy.

This indian spy was arrested from Pakistan’s Balochistan province. He was using Iran’s Chabahar for his terrorist activities.


Shameless Aggression on Palestinians

The world is quiet at this massacre of innocents if this had been done by Muslims, the world would have gone insane with full time coverage.

In the month of Ramadan when others will be breaking fast with lots of food, Palestinians are getting bullets and missiles.

israeli aggression Continue reading “Shameless Aggression on Palestinians”

US forces rape women in northern Afghanistan village: Locals

US Special Operations forces search a home during a nighttime raid in Afghanistan.
US Special Operations forces search a home during a nighttime raid in Afghanistan. (File photo)

By Press TV with foreword by gordon

The story below is taken from Press TV. It was reported in NO western media. What I can say is that this is a story that is repeated on a nearly daily basis in Afghanistan and anywhere American troops are operating, not just against local population but over 16000 reports of rapes against women serving in the American military. Continue reading “US forces rape women in northern Afghanistan village: Locals”