Uses of Grapes (Angoor)

Updated: May 2016
Grapes - angoorEnglish Name: Grapes
Urdu Name: Munaka, Angoor
Arabic Name: Inab

Health Benefits/ Uses / Cures:

۩ Heart Disease
۩ Clear the Face
۩ Acne
۩ Prevention of Many Types of Cancer
۩ Relax body and brain muscles,
۩ Stomach diseases
۩ Cooling effects on body
۩ High Blood Pressure
۩ Allergies
۩ Constipation
۩ Diabetes
۩ Cough
۩ Kidney and urinary bladder pain
۩ Liver and lung disorders
۩ Dog bite
۩ Resveratrol is beneficial for treating Alzheimer’s disease
۩ Turn On Your Longevity Gene
۩ Protect Your Body from Radiation
۩ Common Cold

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Uses of Tooth brush tree, Mustard tree (Miswak / Siwak)

Updated: May 2016

Tooth brush tree, Mustard tree
Mustard tree, Tooth brush tree

Family:     Salvadoraceae
Genus:     Salvadora
Species:     S. persica
Arabic Name: Shajar-e-Miswak, Al-Arak, Khardal
English name: Tooth brush tree, Mustard tree
Tibb name: Pilun, Jhal


Health Benefits, Uses & Cures:

۩ Helps relieving toothaches
۩ Triggers the teeth to sparkle
۩ Eliminates the yellowishness of the teeth
۩ Improves the eye-sight
۩ Helpful for the health of your whole body
۩ Antidote to poison
۩ Useful in rheumatism and scurvy
۩ Useful in biliousness
۩ Asthma and cough
۩ Poultice for tumour and pile
۩ Fruit edible
۩ Carminative
۩ Diuretic and Deobstruent
۩ Enhances the memory
۩ Eliminates slime
۩ Produces aroma in the mouth
۩ Strengthens the gums
۩ Blocks tooth decay
۩ Stops further grow of decay
۩ Remedy for headaches
۩ Helps the process of Digestive function
۩ treatment for a specific mouth disease called Qilaa
۩ Clears the voice
۩ Trigger the appetite
۩Boosts the eloquence of one’s speech
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Uses of pomegranate (Anar)

Updated: Nov 2015

Uses of pomegranate

Family: Lythraceae
Genus:  Punica
Species: P. granatum
English Name: Pomegranate
Urdu Name: Anar
Arabic Name: Rumman

Health Benefits / Uses / Cures:

۩    Most powerful anti-oxidant of all fruits
۩    Potent anti-cancer and immune Uses of pomegranet and its innersupporting effects
۩   Inhibits abnormal platelet aggregation that could cause heart attacks, strokes and embolic disease
۩    Lowers cholesterol and other cardiac risk factors
۩    Lowers blood pressure

۩    May have benefits to relieve or protect against depression and osteoporosis
۩   Anti-Inflammatory
۩   Help Fight Prostate Cancer
۩   Useful Against Breast Cancer
۩   May Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease
۩  May Help Treat Erectile Dysfunction
۩  Help Fight Bacterial and Fungal Infections
۩  May Help Improve Memory Continue reading “Uses of pomegranate (Anar)”

Uses of Dates (khajoor)

Updated: Nov 2015

Family:  Arecaceae
Genus:  Phoenix
Species: P. dactylifera
English Name:  Date palm
Urdu Name:  Khajoor or Khajur

Health Benefits/ Uses / Cures:

۩   Boosting Brain HealthDate palm
۩   Reduced Stroke Risk
۩   A Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery
۩   Promoting Digestive Health
۩   Relieving Constipation
۩   Reduced Blood Pressure
۩   Anti-Inflammatory
۩  Boosting Heart Health
۩  Weight loss
۩  Relieving constipation
۩  supporting regular bowel movements
۩  Promoting heart health
۩  Reducing heart disease risk
۩  Diarrhea
۩  Iron-deficiency anemia
۩  Reducing blood pressure
۩  Impotence
۩  Promoting respiratory and digestive health
۩  Pregnancy deliveries
۩  Hemorrhoid prevention
۩  Chronic conditions such as arthritis
۩  Reducing colitis risk
۩  Preventing colon cancer Continue reading “Uses of Dates (khajoor)”

Uses of Olive (zaitoon)

Updated: Nov 2015
Note: According to Sayings of Holy Prophet Mohammed (ﷺ – Sallallaho Alaihi Wa’sallam) olive has the cure for 70+ diseases and it is also mentioned in Qur’an. Now let us see the range of its cure.

Strengthen body muscles, slow down aging, clear the blood, remove the measlesspot, piles, tuberculosis, eczema, baldness, kidney pain, pancreas pain, maleness, common cold, stomach and respiratory diseasesOrder:     Lamiales
Family:     Oleaceae
Genus:     Olea
Species:     O. europaea
English Name: Olive
Urdu Name: Zaitoon
Arabic Name: Zaitoon

Health Benefits / Uses / Cures:

۩    Reduced Heart disease risk
۩    Protective effect regarding depression risk
۩    Reduce breast cancer risk
۩    Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels Strengthen body muscles, slow down aging, clear the blood, remove the measlesspot, piles, tuberculosis, eczema, baldness, kidney pain, pancreas pain, maleness, common cold, stomach and respiratory diseases
۩    Potential to reduce the risk of alzheimer’s disease or related neurodegenerative dementias
۩    Components of extra virgin olive oil can protect from acute pancreatitis
۩    Extra virgin olive oil may protect the liver from oxidative stress
۩    May help protect from ulcerative colitis
۩    Strengthen body muscles
۩    Slow down aging Continue reading “Uses of Olive (zaitoon)”

Uses of Figs (Injeer)

Updated: May 2016

Remove kidney and urinary bladder stone, release intestinal pain, pile, dyspepsia and anorexia.

Order:     Rosales
Family:    Moraceae
Genus:     Ficus
Species:    F. carica
English Name: Figs
Urdu Name: Injeer
Arabic Name: Teen

Remove kidney and urinary bladder stone, release intestinal pain, pile, dyspepsia and anorexia.
Dried figs

Health Benefits / Uses /Cures:

۩ Remove kidney and urinary bladder stone
۩ Release intestinal pain
۩ Dyspepsia And Anorexia
۩ Piles
۩ Help Lower High Blood Pressure
۩ A Sweet Way to Lose Weight
۩ Fruit and Cereal Fiber Protective against Postmenopausal Breast Cancer
۩ An Insulin-Lowering Leaf in Diabetes
۩ Cardiovascular Effects
۩ Protection against Macular Degeneration
۩ Prevention of constipation
۩ Recommended for obese people
۩ Prevention of colon cancer
۩ Prevention of coronary heart disease
۩ Protection against post-menopausal breast cancer
۩ Good for diabetic patients

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Quince: cure for Heart diseases, diarrhea, dysentery, handsome babies

Updated: Nov 2015
Quince: cure for Heart diseases, diarrhea, dysentery, handsome babiesQuince: cure for Heart diseases, diarrhea, dysentery, handsome babies

Family: Rosaceae
Genus:  Cydonia
Species: Cydonia oblonga
English Name: Quince
Urdu Name: Bahi
Arabic Name: Safarjal

Health Benefits / Uses /Cures:

۩  Weight Loss Aid
۩  Gastrointestinal Diseases
۩  Allergic Reactions
۩  Skin Health
۩  Blood Pressure Monitor
۩  Immune System Booster
۩  Circulation and Hair Health
۩  Heart diseases
۩  Diarrhea
۩  Dysentery
۩  Handsome babies Continue reading “Quince: cure for Heart diseases, diarrhea, dysentery, handsome babies”

Cucumber (kheera): Cooling, tonic etc.

Updated May 2016
 medicinal uses: Cooling, diuretic, tonic and vermifuge, purgative, increase weight.Family:     Cucurbitaceae
Genus:     Cucumis
Species:     C. sativus
Urdu name: Khira
Arabic name: Qissa, Khiarun
English name: Cucumber

Health Benefits/ Uses / Cures: medicinal uses: Cooling, diuretic, tonic and vermifuge, purgative, increase weight.

۩ Cooling Tonic
۩ Fight cancers
۩ Supplies skin-friendly minerals: magnesium, potassium, silicon
۩ Vermifuge
۩ Purgative
۩ Increase weight
۩ Reduces cholesterol
۩ Good for diabetics
۩ Keeps kidneys in shape
۩ Soothes muscle and joint pain
۩ Smooths hair and nails
۩ Helps digestion
۩ Refreshes the mouth

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Watermelon: Kidney, stomach, facial beauty, increases immunity

Updated: May 2016
Medicinal uses : Kidney pain, clears the urine and stomach, facial beauty, increases immunity, jaundice and have cold effects, increases sexual power.

Family:     Cucurbitaceae
Genus:     Citrullus
Species:     C. lanatus
English Name : Water Melon
Urdu Name: Tarbooz
Arabic Name: Bitteekh

Water-melon's uses: Kidney, stomach, facial beauty, increases immunity and sexual powerHealth Benefits/ Uses / Cures:

۩ Kidney Pain
۩ Facial Beauty
۩ Asthma Prevention
۩ Increases Immunity
۩ Reduced Ankle Blood Pressure
۩ Decreased Risk of Prostate Cancer
۩ Clears The Urine and Stomach
۩ Jaundice & Have cold effects
۩ Hydration
۩ Reduces chronic inflammation
۩ Digestion and regularity
۩ Skin and hair benefits
۩ Muscle soreness
۩ Cancer prevention

Note: Excess is not good. The consumption of more than 30 mg of lycopene daily could potentially cause nausea, diarrhea, indigestion and bloating.

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Natural Cures in Islam

fruits and herbs natural remedies in islamHere you will be taken to the journey of treatment through natural medication known from Qur’an and sayings of Holy Prophet (ﷺ – Sallallaho Alaihi Wa’sallam). So lets start my sisters, brothers and friends…

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